Multi Span:

The Multi Span frame type is for, as the name implies, multi span buildings. Multi span frame type buildings allow for large areas to be covered under a roof and fully supported by the strength of steel. Warehouses, industrial production and other similar applications are the common beneficiaries of a multi span frame type building.

Post & Beam:

Post & Beam buildings are one of the most common and popular building frame types for people that are looking for smaller sized buildings that are strong and long lasting. Whether you need a small agricultural barn, workshop or office, Post & Beam frame type buildings are probably your best investment choice.

Tapered Rigid Frame:

Tapered Rigid Frames are one of the most structural strong building frame types that we offer; we precisely design and manufacturer to your tailored needs. Tapered Rigid Frames are strong and perfectly engineered in to allow for wide open, unobstructed floor space. Aircraft hangars, large steel barns, workshops and others benefit from the unobstructed clearance offered by Tapered Rigid Frame Buildings.


Uni-Beam Frame types are great solutions for those who need a light weight building (both in actually tonnage and price) that still offers strong steel support. The tapered rafter presents a flat non-inclined plane allow for utilization of the rafter.

Uni-Beam Lean-To:

The Uni-Beam Lean-To Frame is often utilized to create an addition or wing to a building. Many organizations often need to expand their business; rather that investing into an entirely new building, a Uni-Beam Lean-To frame building simple connects to the preexisitng building. Lean-To frame types are a great and quick way to expand your business and see quicker ROI.

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