Our Assosicates and Standards:

The building systems we produce are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed all applicable requirements of local building codes, and follow the recommended design practices of the MBMA, AISC, AISI, ASTM, and AWS.

Uni-Bilt Systems Inc. is constantly finding new ways to improve both the quality of our metal buildings and the process in which we employ to produce them. By participating and being apart of many different metal building industry organizations we not only help contribute to the shaping of the metal building industry, but further learn from others in the field; allowing us to refine our procedures and methods. This ongoing refinement means that when you invest into a Uni-Bilt Metal Building you are investing in more than just a building, but rather one of the most modern, up-to-date, safe and cost effective metal buildings in the industry.

Industry Organizations:

Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association American Iron and Steel Institute Metal Building Manufacturers Association American Society for Testing and Material American Welding Society
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